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Tiny Creeks can Still Create Flood Damage in Nashville

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tiny Creeks can Still Create Flood Damage in Nashville Small or large creeks and rivers can overflow and flood bringing water into your home. Make sure that you and your family are safe and call SERVPRO.

Our Team of Technicians Responds to BOTH Small and Large Scale Flooding Situations

Small creeks near your Nashville home might provide hours of fun for area children, but if the water flows into an area faster than it can leave, flooding can happen.  

Homeowners with properties near such creeks might not become aware of flood damage in Nashville right away, especially in the night or if such flooding affects rarely used areas of the home. The unexpectedness of such flooding, plus other challenges, make overflows from smaller bodies of water an event that must receive adequate mitigation services from competent professionals. Assuming a home only suffers slight damage can permit worse problems in the future.

Outbuildings can also experience flooding, and then hold substantial amounts of water that continually damages the items stored inside. Everything from art studio furnishings to farm machinery faces rust, corrosion, and mildew and mold colonization.  
Even though water from a stream may seem clean compared to flooding from a river, microbes and other pathogens can densely populate 'cleaner' creek water. When even a stream, considered clean and pathogen-free, overflows, any contact with your food supplies renders that food unusable. Unfit for consumption, throwing it away and disposing of it may seem like a waste – however, the threat to health remains apparent and very real.  

Flooding that remains undetected because of its location in your home can pose unique risks to you and your family. Weak spots can develop in floors. If the water seeps in slowly enough, it can enter in between the ground floor and the basement's ceiling, and eventually cause the ceiling to collapse.  

Our technicians receive training in preparation for the worst of flooding events. Scaled down for smaller emergencies, we have the equipment that can trace the flow of the smallest trickles of water. Other equipment used by our staff includes those that reveal the number of microbes present. Taking readings before we begin our work and then once again when nearing completion, we compare the two to ensure restoration of your property.  

Not to worry, though, if your home's flooding situation involves more massive amounts of water, or if that water comes from a filthy source. We can handle the situation, no matter how complex or problematic. Trucks with powerful pumps mounted on top quickly extract damaging water. Flooding creates higher humidity throughout a home, but dehumidifiers solve this situation. Whatever problems threaten your home after a flooding event of any size, SERVPRO's equipment can handle the mess.  

SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville wants to ensure that your home remains a happy, healthy dwelling for you and your family. Call our local number, (615) 868-5324, for more information about our 24-hour services and to request assistance in restoring your home.  

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Get Fast, Efficient Water Damage Restoration Services For Your Nashville Area Home

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Get Fast, Efficient Water Damage Restoration Services For Your Nashville Area Home Whether water is coming in through the ceiling or the floor, SERVPRO technicians assess the situation, fix the problem and then remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Your Water Damage Emergency

Call to Minimize Any Possible Secondary Damages

The purpose of contacting a professional business is to gain access to resources and personnel not readily available in your Nashville home. A quality company can help with larger cleaning or restoration projects, help prevent accidents or provide services during emergency situations that may occur.  

You want to have access to a locally owned company, one in the area which is nearby and ready to respond to your call for help. Water damage in your Nashville area home is serious and should get treated as such by the company you choose. It takes someone who offers a variety of services to get the job done right in most situations, never settle for less.

You can ask for certifications anytime, check for IICRC-industry certification and take a look at their website, read some reviews, or discuss options available through your insurance company. Your agent can assist with finding someone whom they have had success with in the past and give you additional information should you be unable to decide.

At SERVPRO we supply customers with a generic outline of our water damage restoration process on our website, which can give you a glimpse of the overall process. We do this because we want you to understand what you are facing and how we plan to address the problem. However, each situation is different, and technicians often have to adjust on the fly to get the job done right.  

Having a company like SERVPRO available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week can give you peace of mind knowing that if accidents ever happen on your property, you have expertly trained technicians available to come to your aid. Along with fully certified technicians, we have access to industrial-grade equipment and resources that make providing a variety of services easier.  

SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville has technicians that deliver quality full-service solutions throughout the Goodlettsville area. We manage the entire affair, help you limit your losses, and cut costs associated with your restoration as much as possible. Call to begin your water damage restoration process, today. (615) 868-5324

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Water Damage Challenges That Nashville Clubs Face

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage Challenges That Nashville Clubs Face Water damage to Nashville clubs can be particularly challenging, as there are many potential sources and at-risk areas in most clubs.

Water Damage Challenges

Clubs are often some of the most challenging businesses to clean after a disaster, thanks to typically unique layouts, needs, equipment, and safety hazards present in the building. Water damage to Nashville clubs can be particularly challenging, as there are many potential sources and at-risk areas in most clubs, making the origin and scale of the damage unclear. If you own a club in the area, here are some potential types of water damage you might not even know you have.

Water Damaged Equipment
Some of the costliest water damage to Nashville clubs can occur to expensive electronics and equipment present throughout the business. Many clubs are now fitted with electronic televisions, speakers, jukeboxes, dance floors, and even drink taps, creating a high potential for mishaps if water is spilled in the wrong place. Rather than simply replacing these expensive pieces of equipment at absurd costs, SERVPRO sends them to specialized and certified contractors for repair at a much lower price point than full replacement.

Alcohol And Drink Stains
Most types of flooring can stain in some fashion, and this can become especially evident after years of patrons spilling and sloshing drinks around the place. SERVPRO technicians bring industrial-grade cleaning equipment and deodorizers to the job site to help eliminate these minor but tough blights on your club's appearance.

Restroom Water Damage
While newer, more expensive restroom equipment can help to reduce the costs and risks of water damage in your club's bathrooms, avoiding damage entirely is impossible. Over time, symptoms can mount and become visible, creating the impression of a filthy and unmaintained restroom no matter how often the area is cleaned. Our specialized cleaning tools and techniques allow us to eliminate these difficult and often chemically-abetted stains quickly and easily.

SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville is ready 24/7 to respond to local businesses should they take on water damage. If your company has suffered from water damage of any kind, call us at (615) 868-5324 to learn how we can help.

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How Mitigation Helps Your Nashville Home After Flood Damage

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Mitigation Helps Your Nashville Home After Flood Damage The most important step in our emergency Nashville flood damage response plan is to begin removing all water possible immediately.

Mitigation Helps Your Home After Flood

SERVPRO is well-known around the country for our mitigation strategy. As part of this strategy, we have personnel ready around the clock to respond to damage reports and mitigate as much damage as possible through timely responses and emergency measures. We are prepared to employ mitigation techniques for everything from fires to extreme mold damage, but our service shines the most when helping to mitigate Nashville flood damages. When a flood hits, timing is critical, as only a few hours can make an enormous difference. Here are the main ways our mitigation approach helps to reduce costs and save your home from a flood.

Fast Water Extraction
The most important step in our emergency Nashville flood damage response plan is to begin removing all water possible immediately. Allowing water to stay past its due invites mold, fungi, and significant damage to the home. Even in the dead of night, our technicians come out with powerful water extraction pumps and air movers to pull standing water out of the home in a matter of hours and immediately begin the process of drying walls and fabrics such as carpeting. If your home has taken on standing water, calling us early is of particular importance, as costs can multiply rapidly if the water is not removed quickly.

Inspections And Inventory
In addition to critical water extraction services, we also typically send out an inspector to help identify the exact scope and type of damage in the home and begin creating an inventory of your belongings. This not only helps you to understand what has gone missing in your home but also appeases insurance providers and can even get you bonus insurance assistance. Additionally, if other risk factors exist or damage could be worse than is immediately apparent, inspectors can help to identify these issues and allow SERVPRO technicians more freedom and speed in their work.

SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville is available 24/7 to respond to disasters in your home, even in the harshest weather and toughest situations. Call us at (615) 868-5324.

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Can I Wait To Start Fire Damage Restoration In Nashville?

9/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Can I Wait To Start Fire Damage Restoration In Nashville? We understand how devastating fire damage can be to you and your family. Calling SERVPRO for remediation services will help you recover.

SERVPRO Technicians Will Help With the ENTIRE Process of Recovering From Fire Damage in Your Home or Business

The emotional ups and downs of surviving a house fire in Nashville may find you begging for some time before you commit to a company and a recovery plan. If you needed to move out because the damage was severe, you now are dealing with partial homelessness and unexpected expenses. Remaining in your damaged home also makes you feel vulnerable, and the thought of technicians going through your property strips you of your sense of privacy.
Some of our customers also cope with injury or worse stemming from the event, interfering with reaction times. Reality does come knocking, however, when your home sustains fire damage in Nashville. Your abode needs immediate attention no matter how much you want to consider your options. Waiting even a day or two greatly increases the amount and severity of the original damage and the chances for collateral harm multiply as your house awaits restoration services.
Our training and experience indicate fast action underlies the success of our restoration efforts. The soot and other residue from the fire are extremely acidic, and many surfaces and materials begin to deteriorate immediately. Here are some things that will happen to your home and your belongings if you delay responding to fire damage according to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification, the industry’s standard developing organization.
Waiting just a few minutes causes some common kitchen and household porous materials like marble, small appliances, and plastics to discolor or yellow permanently.

Waiting a few hours causes grout lines to discolor and laminate countertops to yellow. Porcelain appliances like refrigerators and stoves discolor, and metals without protective coatings tarnish and etch.

Waiting days to a week accelerates the losses, with most other metals pitting, corroding, and rusting. Clothing and fabrics like upholstery and window coverings stain permanently. Wooden surfaces degrade and need refinishing, and vinyl tiles may become so badly damaged they need replacing.

Waiting weeks or more allows permanent staining of carpeting. Glass and china etch and are no longer usable. Silverplate breaks down.

SERVPRO anticipates that homeowners may be operating in slow motion during the period immediately after a fire disaster. Our team members treat you and other victims of fire damage with compassion and concern, but we must stress that action needs to be taken sooner than later.
Consider proactive steps before a disaster strikes like developing a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile and Plan so you can make decisions without the stress of a crisis impeding you. Both our commercial and residential clients are invited to explore this option.
SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville awaits your contact after fire destroys even a portion of your home, frightening you and your family and interfering with your peace of mind. Call us at (615) 868-5324, and we pledge to make restoration after a home fire as painless as we are able.

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Nashville Retail Establishments Receive Expert Water Damage Restoration

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Nashville Retail Establishments Receive Expert Water Damage Restoration SERVPRO can quickly get your business doors open again after water damage affects your store.

Water Damage Restoration for your commercial space

Whether you are concerned with having a malfunctioning fire suppression system, roofing problems, flooding, or simple plumbing problems, we can help. Through preparation, you can avoid large-loss situations in your retail store. All it takes is a small water problem on your Nashville area property to start affecting in-store products. Packaging, labeling, and the quality of all items in your retail store can get worse, making them impossible to sell.

We have seen it countless times; retail establishments in the Nashville area caught off guard by avoidable water damage. A restoration company, with qualified technicians, can perform a full inspection of your property, exposing the majority of issues that cause water related problems. If you act fast enough, you can often catch these problems before they have a chance to cause significant damages that lead to closing down, even for short periods. 

At SERVPRO, we have specialized services, designed to help your business recover quickly. We provide professional cleaning services that contribute to maintaining your property on a regular basis, as well as 24-hour emergency restoration services that get your business back up and running after a disaster occurs. Regardless of whether you have a plumbing problem in your bathroom, or an entire sales floor full of water, our IICRC-certified technicians put their expert training, industrial-grade equipment, and the vast resources of our company to work for you.

If you get surprised by a fast moving storm system and would like to have help preparing your building, SERVPRO can provide you with the assistance you need. When we answer your call for help, your problems become ours, and we make every effort to reduce any losses you might experience. We respond immediately, providing you with the services your company needs to get back on your feet as soon as possible. 

SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville is locally owned and operated by members of your local community. We care about keeping our local businesses throughout the area running and show it in every service we provide. Never hesitate to call for help; we can start your businesses restoration, today. (615) 868-5324

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Think SERVPRO To Avoid Flood Damage Caused By Standing Water Under Your Nashville Area Home.

8/11/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Think SERVPRO To Avoid Flood Damage Caused By Standing Water Under Your Nashville Area Home. SERVPRO’s crawl space encapsulation services provide you with fantastic alternatives that save your pocket book from quite a hit.

SERVPRO Can Restore Your Nashville Flood Damage

If you are having issues with standing water under your home after slight or massive rainfall systems enter your area, you should take a look at our crawl space encapsulation services. We can help you turn your entire basement into an atmospheric wonder, with just a few simple steps.

Having ground water or standing water issues that cause flood damage in your Nashville area home is far more widespread than you might think. Homeowners just like you experience significant problems that lead to mold, rot, and structural damages that you might not even see until it is far too late.

SERVPRO’s crawl space encapsulation services provide you with fantastic alternatives that save your pocket book from quite a hit. IICRC certified technicians with years of experience provide you with excellent results that often exceed any expectations you might have.

Crawl space encapsulation starts with the installation of a submersible pump that allows us to remove standing water that might exist. Next SERVPRO technicians seal the entire crawl space from all openings that lead to the outside or any penetrations leading into the home above. The entire service provides you with an isolated atmosphere, where we can focus on moisture and humidity control.

SERVPRO technicians pay close attention to every surface that might allow moisture to migrate into your home. We seal every surface with our 12mil Crawl Guard liner, keeping moisture out and maintaining relative humidity with a proper dehumidifier. Recent studies prove that an encapsulated crawl space with this type of liner and an installed dehumidifier result in a lasting reduction associated with home cooling and heating costs of about 18% annually.

Why wait until coming face to face with a larger than life incident that causes extreme stress to your family. You can avoid common problems that result in devastating flood damage to your home by taking advantage of this proactive approach to environmental control in your home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Call SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville, today. Learn more about our encapsulation service and give our technicians the opportunity to provide you with the results you deserve. (615) 868-5324

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Mold Damage and Encapsulation In Nashville

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage and Encapsulation In Nashville Mold damage can start and grow in a Nashville home for weeks and months before residents see or smell anything.

Mold Damage and Encapsulation

Mold growth does not get the attention like floods or fire. A picture of a mold colony growing on a piece of wall frame is not shocking like a foot of water in a child’s bedroom or a burned-out roof. It can still cost the homeowner thousands of dollars and is responsible for millions in restoration costs every year.

Mold damage can start and grow in a Nashville home for weeks and months before residents see or smell anything. One of the places SERVPRO has dealt with over the years is the crawlspace. This area under the house usually stays ignored unless there is a broken pipe that needs repair or if residents use it for storage.

To stop mold and prevent future growth, we recommend encapsulation and drawing down the moisture levels. Encapsulation is an inexpensive method to seal off a crawlspace from mold and water. It is also our preferred method to prevent future mold growth. We begin the process by installing a water vapor barrier. Technicians hang up sheets of polyethylene and reinforce them with a polyester mesh. This method is very effective to lock out further moisture leaking in through the walls or dirt floor. We seal all of this in place with two-sided, foundation tape along the walls and a polyurethane caulk on the walls and floor. The caulk is particularly useful with a dirt floor. If the walls are high and require multiple sheets, our technicians can build-in a metal or wood frame to augment the tape and caulk.

With the crawlspace now sealed, we can effectively draw down the air moisture level. We use a combination of dehumidifiers and space heaters to accomplish this. Technicians set up the heaters to slowly raise the air temperature, which helps the dehumidifiers draw moisture from the area at a faster rate. Depending on the air content (humidity) and the machine used, we can draw 20 gallons of water from the air in the crawlspace every day.

Without encapsulation, any attempt to stop mold damage in your home’s crawlspace is only a short-term fix. SERVPRO of Madison /Goodlettsville wants to provide the best (and permanent) solution so you can return to your home with confidence. If you need us, call today at (615) 868-5324.

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Dealing With Soot And Smoke Residues After A Fire In Your Nashville Home

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dealing With Soot And Smoke Residues After A Fire In Your Nashville Home Combustion requires three items: Fuel, oxygen, and heat.

Smoke And Soot

The lion’s share of restoration and replacement costs after a fire are from smoke and soot. These residues settle on and sometimes leave a coating on every surface close enough to the source of the heat and flames.

To do our best in restoring the effects of fire damage in a Nashville home, SERVPRO instructs our technicians on how burning material forms smoke and soot residues. Understanding what happens with combustion (turning a solid into a gas with heat) determines the type of plan used in returning a home to its original state. Combustion requires three items: Fuel, oxygen, and heat. If these articles are all in the right amounts, the fire burns clean, and there are no residues. Since this happens only in theory, we must deal with smoke and soot residues on both the structure and personal property.

Smoke is composed of gases, aerosols, and solid particles. Gases are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides produced by burning organic materials (wood flooring or paneling for example). They are invisible unless amounts of the other two components are present as well. Since the by-products of gases are carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, it is hazardous for anyone to be around an active fire without a mask or breathing apparatus.

Aerosols are tiny liquid particles within the gases generated by a fire. Solid particles are minute amounts of carbon from the unburned material. Suspended aerosol and solid particles make the smoke visible. When it settles on a surface, smoke then becomes soot residue. Aerosols and solids also absorb odors, which is what makes soot smell.

Depending on the material that combusted, soot residues contain different types of acids. They form from the moisture in the air and the chloride and sulfide particles released from the burned material. The longer soot remains on a surface, the more likely it discolors or corrodes it.

Knowing what burned in your home, how long it burned, and how much oxygen was present helps us restore it to a clean and livable condition. The more we know before getting started increases our capability to get it right. If you need our help here at SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville, call us today at (615) 868-5324.

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Preventing Leaks From Your Refrigerator Or Ice Maker In Your Nashville Home

6/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preventing Leaks From Your Refrigerator Or Ice Maker In Your Nashville Home Your home can be the victim of extensive water damage at the most unexpected time and by the smallest means possible.

Preventing Leaks

Your home can be the victim of extensive water damage at the most unexpected time and by the smallest means possible. Appliances like refrigerators and ice makers should be regularly checked to ensure all parts are working correctly. If they are not maintained, they can leak, causing a potential for water damage plus mold damage that can ruin your surrounding kitchen floors and walls.

A leaky refrigerator or ice maker can create a lot of water damage to your Nashville kitchen quickly, especially if it happens while you are not at home. No matter how bad the damage is, you need the water removal services of SERVPRO. We are a professional water damage restoration company, and we know how to extract, remove and clean up water from a leaking refrigerator and ice maker. We follow the most effective methods and standards set by the IICRC.

There are some possible reasons for your leaking appliance, including a loose or damaged water line, frozen or clogged defrost drain, damaged and rusted drain pan, or a damaged filter housing and water tank assembly. Pressurized lines bring water to any of your equipment need to be checked regularly. Ensure that all fittings are tight and there is no damage to the water lines. If your ice maker or refrigerator floods or leaks into your home, our SERVPRO technicians can take care of the problem for you.

Seventy-three percent of water damage that involves an ice-maker is caused by the failure of the supply line hose, while only ten percent included new appliances that were improperly installed. Therefore, replacing your plastic water line with a braided steel supply line, a copper tee fitting, and a high-quality shutoff is a good option for avoiding water leaks. Braided steel is a non-kinking and tough alternative to the quarter-inch flexible plastic or copper that usually comes with these ice makers.

When you do have a water removal emergency, SERVPRO can arrive at your home fast with professional grade pumps, dehumidifiers, and moisture meters. We dry your home thoroughly in a timely fashion and check for any hidden moisture and mold before we are finished.

You can trust SERVPRO of Madison/Goodlettsville to take care of your water removal needs when an emergency arises. Call us as soon as possible at (615) 868-5324 when your refrigerator or ice maker fails.

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