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Different Types of Emergency Water Removal in Madison

11/26/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Different Types of Emergency Water Removal in Madison A Drip in Your Madison Condo Can Lead to Extensive Water Damage

The Class of Water Contamination Affects the Treatment Process

To most homeowners, water damage is all the same. It is a nightmare situation that disrupts daily routines and makes life rather difficult. Whether the flooding is from a burst pipe or a blocked drain, it’s all the same right? It is destructive, cruel, and costly to put right.

Well, in reality, there are some crucial distinctions to be made. Knowing what type of water is damaging your property or where it is coming from helps restoration experts to approach the situation in a safe way. SERVPRO carries out professional water removal in Madison properties, and we deal with many kinds of conditions.

This handy guide to the main types of water damage will help you identify the problem quickly if it ever happens to you.

Classification One: Clear Water
This water is the cleanest, most non-toxic form of water damage. It is potable water, perhaps directly from the tap. It is unlikely to cause you any harm, even if you are exposed for some time. Nevertheless, even clean flooding can lead to electrical and structural faults, so it is safer you to call in the experts for repairs. Clean water comes from things like a burst kitchen pipe or a leaking faucet. The liquid has to be safe because you’re scrubbing dishes, drinking,  and washing your hands with it on any typical day. The biggest risk it poses is to carpets, paper materials, and soft furnishings.

Classification Two: Gray Water
Gray water damage is a little bit more serious and requires a speedier removal process. Most of the time, it only poses a direct threat to health if it gets into the mouth or eyes. This is because it may contain chemicals, microorganisms, or dirt. For instance, a classic gray water flood might be caused by a broken down washing machine. The water released will be dirty and filled with detergents and waste from your clothes. So, you definitely don’t want to be spending too much time around it. Another example is an overflowing toilet tank, though any kind of sewage water is immediately classified as very severe and a category three situation.

Classification Three: Black Water
Black water can be toxic and, in some cases; it could make you sick even after a relatively brief exposure. It includes water from sewage lines, septic tanks, and floodwater caused by storms. If your home is hit by extreme weather and flooding occurs, leave the premises as soon as it is safe to do so. Call the SERVPRO team, and we will dispatch our technicians to your location right away.

Do not touch or attempt to move the standing water, because it could be dangerous. Our experts are very skilled in the safe handling of black water and will use breathing filtration apparatus and protective clothing to eliminate the risk of sickness. They will also contain the affected area so that no dangerous materials are allowed to escape during the restoration process.

It is not easy to confront the destruction that water damage can wreak, but there always options and choices to be made. SERVPRO of Madison/Goodlettsville is your go to a premier local company, so we are here to help you through the process and get repairs started right away. Call us 24/7 at (615) 868-5324.

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